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F15- Call A Few Days Later Or You Sound Desperate

Dun dun duuuuun!
Okay, that alone probably won't fly for comic notes so I'll type more. Filo knows! So is he torturing Murd, does he just have the hots for 'Marcie”, or is Filo working up to bribing Lust into capturing Murd and forcing him into a golem of Filo's choosing forever binding Murdoch in servitude to Filo's mercies? You're sick, Filo, sick! Or it's nothing like that and he's a decent guy. We'll see.

This week's TWC voting incentive image brings the most epic of epic birthday cake-based stories to an end the only way birthday parties can end: Killing everybody involved. Maybe that's why I don't get invited to parties...

Quick Review: Chew Vol. 5- The shine has certainly rubbed off on the Chew series for me. I still like Chew, the world, and the grand story but volume to volume, it's getting less interesting. I'm started to be bothered by the lazy pop culture references too. From the the "Office Space" quotes on the walls and Perry the Platypus showing up almost prominently in the foreground of a page, it feels like Family Guy-style references at this point. It's not a wink or a nod to another work, it's just a sign saying “Hey! Remember the jump to conclusions mat from “Office Space”? That was funny, right!”. Rather than focusing on the greater story, the plot has become by-the-book. Introduce a few new people with food powers, there's a little behind the scenes mystery, Savoy does something, something bad happens to Chew, and call it a day. Tony's daughter isn't an interesting character and there's no reason to be invested in her story. It's probably more the opposite even. She's such an unlikable character that I've come to actively want something bad to happen to her just to get her out of the book. I still like Chew and I'll continue to read it for a while longer, but it's no longer on my “must read” list and I'm eager for things to tie up now.