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F18- Good Hands And Claws And Tentacles

It's hard to take threats of vengeance and murder seriously when you're spilling out of a neon orange mini-dress, but Murd pulls it off. Somewhat. Slander is worth so much more than a house and a lab! Plus, it's seriously difficult to insure your demonic caretaker. Is she a dependent, family, a nanny, or what? Property? And I don't think the Sins would be the types to pay up for Vice union fees and workman's comp.

This week's TWC voting picture shows the dangers of teaching necromancy to students. Murd had his hands full during Pace's time...

Quick Review: Chronicle- Chronicle is a neat idea for a movie that does almost everything it can to make you hate it. Foremost being the generically unlikable protagonist. He is “unlikable” personified. Cartoonishly so. High school loser picked on by bullies, no social skills, alcoholic abusive parent, random people on the street chase him, cheerleaders hate him, and he cries constantly. Top him off with a douchebag "friend" that quotes philosophers at the drop of a hat and the movie is hard to sit through in some stretches. When the story finally kicks in, it's a neat premise but it's still brought down by the characters and kind of bizarre take on high school life. Winning a talent show that is openly mocked and disliked by the student body and audience still somehow makes you the most popular person EVER. The movie creates an entire character solely to keep up with the"found footage" film style, but it's never justified and the whole package would have been just fine being 90% normal camera work spiced up with 10% found footage. It's not bad, but it's not really a "movie". Out of the hour and thirty minutes, there's made twenty to thirty minutes of worthwhile content. It's a fantastic groundwork for a movie but it feels like far too much of a nerd power fantasy to stand on its own. I do give them absolute kudos and credit for where the ending goes though. Taking it anywhere other than a dark place would have been a complete cop-out so I'm glad they embraced it.