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Posted by Pip

F19- Robber Of Our Hearts Maybe

I couldn't end this story on something as depressing as Slander's injuries, so Filo finishes it off for us. And dun dun duuuuun! Revelations! The call was coming from inside the house the whole time! Wait, no. Filo was Fluffy the whole time! He sudden blast to fame and knowledge of demons makes a bit more sense now. Murd rose up the ranks with Slander's help but Filo had the backing of a whole set of Virtues! What a cheater!

With the end of the current story, it's time for another book collection! I changed printers this time and used CreateSpace, Amazon's POD company. So the good news is many-sided! First, you can order the books through CreateSpace OR you can can buy them directly from Amazon! Secondly, the books are now half the cost of Lulu's so I just put up the full color version. Okay, that's only two-sided, but flipping coins is gambling fun too!
The collection includes all the story arcs from the Tarot Gauntlet on through to the just concluded Fire arc, new art for the chapter pictures, and the bonus mini-comic “Datenight Done Greedy”.
Purchase the book through CreateSpace:

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