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FH1- Maybe She Thought Of Something Funny Joy Said

While Slander heals up after the end of the last arc, we'll take a trip down memory lane to finally get the scoop on the Sins's first host. What's your deal, Little Girl!? At the very least, she didn't join up when Lust was in a particularly pro-human mindset. After being dumped on her wedding day, losing an army, and being kinda-murdered by the Virtues, Lust may be a touch bitter.

I added the page from the Sins crossover with Hero in Training to the archives. Check out the previous post to see Saurus's page and links to the previous comics if you missed it on the first go-around.

The new donation wallpaper for the month features the more practical side of having a demon control your access to a physical body. You save so much closet space! It's not as fun when you share clothes with a snake monster that doesn't wear pants.

And our funny search strings that somehow led people to Sins during the month:
There were several about eating mermaids or mermaids eating people. I-Is this something I should be concerned about? Is this the summer of 2012's equivalent to the shark attack scare?
“wicked better than a cold shower" – I choose to believe this was said in a cartoonishly bad Boston accent.
"watcher wedgies"- Oh man, and The Watcher has that ginormous head so if you got him in an atomic wedgie, it would never come off!