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Posted by Pip

FH2- Somebody Lost At Monopoly A Lot

You know, I think Chastity might not be a nice person... It's almost like, she's mean and doesn't like the Sins... Even Lust's fancy scythe doesn't like Chast and is stuck in a boring form without its bond with the rightful owner. Poor Slashy, we knew ye well.

A new Mercs page was posted on Sunday. Swing on over if you didn't spend your weekend refreshing the page over and over. But I know we all did, right.

This week's TWC voting incentive gives us a little peek into Slander's convalescence. Adorable convalescence!

This month's podcast is ready and posted! I discuss the comics, talk about games, answer a viewer question, and drag Zero from Dungeons and Barbies away from Diablo 3 long enough to talk comics with him. Give it a listen at (or archives on the Community page):