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Posted by Pip

FH10- Big Threats From Little Warlords

We draw the curtain on the Sins's less than successful first host. Threats were made, a team turned against itself, and everybody hates everybody else. And it's not even a family reunion or holiday! The Universe does get some revenge against the Virts in all of this. The Sins have certainly done a good job of staving off defeat and madness for far longer than Chastity was hoping for.
The Girl and Original Gluttony have been added to the Cast page and next week we'll travel back to the present and continue the story.

I posted some pictures of my trip to Vietnam. Everything from pictures in the airport in Narita, Japan to pictures of Vietnam itself to a plant. I'll talk about it on the podcast so for now you just have to look at them and stare at a bootleg Pikachu wondering... Pondering...