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L2- She Bought It Down At The Trading Post

Yay, it's Lux! We haven't seen those lovable, horrible Lust Vices for a bit now. And she's even more lovable and horrible! But she's not an arsonist, so the mystery continues! Can you believe this jerk Rhett accusing her of burning down the laboratory? Sweet little Luxuria just kidnaps him and tries to spoil and shame him and Lust and Rhett has to go and start pointing fingers.

Quick Review: Mega Man Gigamix- Ariga continues this great Mega Man series with some fantastic art. The book is filled with panel after panel jam packed with the Robot Masters interacting and the color full-page picture of Dr. Wily with the RMs is something I'd be happy to have framed and hung up on my wall. The art make the story, which gets surprisingly dark at times, feel more grown up than the silliness of the previous series. The books go a long way to dial back Dr. Wily's wackiness as a NES-era reoccurring villain and prove that he's a legitimate genius and there's a reason he's a threat. Seeing Dr. Wily and Light join up is a fist pumping "Hell yeah!" moment. And the whole book is full of moments like that with characters joining up, using their powers in constructive ways, and manages to make even Tango seem like the ultimate bad ass. Seriously. There's a half-page picture that will make warm-hearted people tear up at the most awesome robotic kitty cat ever. For a Mega Man junkie, there are some amazing ways that story threads through the franchise tie together. Wily's "alien form" from 2, Proto Man working for Wily in 3, Proto Man's faulty power core that the games themselves have teased forever but frustratingly never done anything with. They even found a way to work the Reaverbots into the story in an interesting way that doesn't affect the story. It's just more nice teasing fanservice. Aaand there's an extended comic about Battle and Chase. One of the best kart racing games ever made and it rarely gets its due. I came out of the series wanting Ariga on a Symphony of the Night style Mega Man game as soon as possible so I'd say it's a successful franchise on his end.