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Posted by Pip

L4- Just Be Happy You Can Breathe

It's Envyyy! An event worthy of Muppet-esq arm flailing if there ever was one! Yep, as we discussed on the podcast, Envy still has a role in the comic so it's nice to see the little guy back. Ah, he's so fun to draw. And teaming up with Rhett! Next stop, buddy comedy road trip cop movie! One can't see over the steering wheel and the other is the semi-immortal whipped boyfriend of the prettiest lady multiple realms have ever seen. Toss in a cameo by Content as their hard-boiled chief and it's gold. Gold!

You may have noticed some changes on the Mercs page or at least a change when you scrolled past the TWC voting link to get to these notes. I'm going to be changing how I update Mercynaries so now there are two ways to get new Mercs pages! If you donate, instead of getting a wallpaper, you'll now get two Mercynaries pages! Pretty sweet deal there. Just remember that it has to be a donation of at least $1. Paypal takes a cut and I pay taxes on top of that, so anything less doesn't really equal out to much. If you're not a fan of Paypal, let me know and we can work something out with Amazon Payments or something else. The same rules for non-monetary donations still apply. If you help out on some aspect of the site or contribute in some special way, send me an email! Can't donate or just feeling mean and don't want to? Well you can still get the Mercs pages! Every week on TWC, I'll post half of one of the month's pages. So if you vote for Sins on TWC this week, you get the first half of page 15. When you vote next week, you'll get the second half of page 15. Missed a page? Once enough pages have been posted for an issue (one or two story arcs, depending on their length), I'll upload them as a digital comic that can be purchased for a reasonable/low price.
So why am I making these changes? First, time. I can make the most of my time by doing the Mercs pages and TWC images in this way. Second, a very small percentage of readers actually donate or vote for Sins on TWC. So by making these changes, I encourage voters to help Sins and donators get rewarded instantly instead of having to wait for a donation gauge to fill up. And people that don't participate don't get to leech off of those that do contribute! Finally, Mercs will update faster! You're guaranteed to get two Mercs pages every month! If you're interested in hearing more, I'll talk a bit about it in this month's podcast which will be available later this week. If you have any questions or comments, send me and email or post in the chatbox or forums!

All these grand changes won't stop our look back at the end of the previous month! On the other hand, the searches can. There wasn't anything really wacky or bizarre that I'd be willing to repeat in polite company. I need to start adding more random phrases to comics...