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Posted by Pip

L6- Stow Him Safely

The demons don't think too highly of Rhett do they? Maybe that's the price you have to pay for taking Lust away from the Spirit Realm. Take away their prettiest lady and the demons hold a grudge! Pride will keep Rhett safe! Until the demons capture Pride and make it use its morphing abilities to replace Lust...

Quick Review: Tomba- Oh how I don't miss the early days of 3D. 2D art interacting with 3D objects and backgrounds is a blasphemy for the ages. Amaze as you reach out for a platform and pass through it over and over again! Even if you can get over the eyesore that is this game, it's chock full o annoyances. Picky controls and hit detection make it annoying to play, annoying music grates on you, and with the enemies respawning if you take a few steps away from their starting point, it's super tedious. The quest idea is neat at first, where you encounter characters or objects that give you side objectives as you run through the platforming sections, but it's handled so poorly. The game just throws quest after quest at you without saying if you can accomplish it now, later, or really any details outside of a name which you can hope to try to glean some information of. I threw an enemy at a rickety structure and that created a quest called "What's This?". A gray bar appeared on the wall I broke but I couldn't smash it, push it, run through it, or throw another enemy at it. With a complete lack of information or guidance, the quest isn't a bonus or incentive to play, it's just some random event that has no connection or meaning to anything I've done other than defeat an enemy. I stopped playing less than two hours into Tomba simply because I didn't have any fun playing it. This is a terrible and annoying game, so why is it so prized?