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Posted by Pip

L7- What If She Was Okay With It

See, people in the Spirit Realm love and want Envy! Not like you ungrateful humans comparing him to past Envies and complaining. It's that Rhett guy you have to watch out for. Harbinger of bad times that guy is. AND he's still a liability if he's dead. You can't win with this dude.

Thanks to everybody that's continued to donate and everybody voting on TWC! We really jumped up the ranks. Woo! By my calculations we'll be have risen so high that we'll start earning negative ranks and we'll join the minus world of leaderboards.

Speaking of all this TWC ranking mumbo jumbo, this week's Merc's chunk has been posted! The team learns that if they got off their butts and answered their blinky thing earlier, they'd be in better positions.