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Posted by Pip

L8- Girl Talk

Oh, that's not a good combination. They're going to spend all their time gossiping about Lust and pondering what to get her for the holidays. Hmmm, would Lust Golem know exactly what to Lust for a gift... Maybe that's one of the lesser known benefits of being a clone. Gift sense!

It's time for another contest! And as I promised in the podcast, we have a special guest along for the ride. Metal has volunteered to provide an art prize as well, so we'll have TWO winners that get art this month! First prize will be a reasonable commission drawn by either Metal or me(we have a right to say no if you pick something we can't abide by and have you chose again) and then second place gets a picture by the artist the first prize winner cruelly cast aside! Your theme this month... The Sins as a circus. You have a lot of leeway in how you want to approach this, so have fun! Do they do the traditional Barnum and Bailey three ring circus or do they go art nouveau and go the Cirque de Soleil route? You decide! Keep it clean and acceptable to the comic, have fun, and remember that you're being judged on the idea you submit not just the quality of the art. Entries are due by the end of month PST. I chose to believe that stands for Pip Standard Time but science may disagree. Submit your entries by either emailing me a link of where you posted the picture or email the picture to me if you can't put it in a gallery.

Check out Metal's art gallery at:

Fair warning, some of his art is for the grown ups.