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A11- Worst Hazings Imaginable

Isnít it cuuuute?! Savvy readers will recognize the new Anger from the last page of the old seriesís artist notes. Not so savvy readers, well, youíre on your own. Angerís design is based off of a Chupacabra I drew for an assignment for a fluff Mythology course I took in high school. The long Greed-ish ears became horns and I liked the idea of wriggly tentacles instead of a mouth with gnashy teeth.
Big, big reference to the old series here, so Iím off to help the new readers again. In the first series, the Anger shade wound up being involved in some not niceness towards not only the Sins, but their host and ultimately all of humanity as well. It was more or less banished at the end of the series.