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Posted by Pip

L12- AnonOminous

Lux is such a rat! After Lust helped Lux climb up the rank, learn morphy powers, taught her to manipulate, and no doubt imparted great hair care advice, Luxuria turns renegade! And for what? The ominous spooky threats of a pan-dimensional, living dead husk with multiple personalities? That's just... Actually that's kind of keen. I'd probably be down with it too.

I went through the Links page and cleaned it up this week. There were a depressing number of dead links and comics that are no longer around in there. Maybe I have the power to kill projects through linking to them... My lifeforce sucking powers are now available for hire!
And I also added a Mercs banner if anybody out there wants to be so kind as to link to it. I promise I won't get vampiric on you if you do so.

And just a little tease for what's coming up next month... VonFroya. 2...
I just completed the first pass on the levels, so it's just adding new features and doing clean up!