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Posted by Pip

L14- Hammer And Sickle And Tired

The Dealer is hiding sooomething. She's crafty or crazy or bipolar? Who knows with her so far!? Quite happy to profit from both sides and she seems to get some delight in ticking off Lust... Even the Vice doesn't know what's going on these days. If you can't trust your undying minion that you give rocking neckwear to, who can you trust?

And keeping on with the Dealer and her ties to the video game world, it's time for VonFroya 2! Von Froya 2: Symphony of the Meat.

Play it on the site at:

All you need is an HTML5 enabled browser (it's OS agnostic, any of the major ones as long as you're relatively up to date). There's a handy menu to bring you up to date if you skipped out on VF1, but VonFroya is there for everyone. As in VF1, the game takes place in the worlds before the Sins were involved and gives a look into how the realms are connected and has some familiar faces. It's a simple, short, but hopefully fun game, so try it out and leave some comments in the chatbox, forums, or over email!

VF1 and 2 are also linked on the Swag page at: