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Posted by Pip

B1- Mutiny And Gluttony Rhyme

It's the start of a new arc, but it continues directly from where the last page left off, so no chronological mysteries to ponder or decipher here. And what better way to start off a new chapter with some good ol' fashioned down home face stabbing. Sure it may not kill a golem, but on the plus side, a regenerating golem just means you get to fight her again and again and again.

Thanks to everybody that continued to contribute for Mercs pages and to everybody that voted on TWC to get the pages that way. We finished in the top 20 on TWC for July! In your face... well, probably some decent comics too. It's not as easy to knock on webcomics as it is Prince Valiant and Marmaduke... Nuts.
Voting resets at the beginning of the month, so let's get back up to the top again!