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Posted by Pip

B3- Maybe That Was A Happy Sigh

Poor sweet little Greed got ripped off and the mean ol' Universe wouldn't even let him cheat. What's your beef with Greed, Universe?! He's freaking adorable! But Lust in cute mini-dresses is kind of adorable too. You're lucky Lust is there to save your butt, Universe...

Dreamhost, our webhosting company, royally effed up this weekend and we lost about three weeks of updates. I manually re-uploaded everything, but if you find anything missing or messed up, please let me know!

This week's TWC voting incentive is back to the Mercs pages! Vote this week to get the first part of page 17 where the team proves they can totally rescue dudes from robots as well as they rescue princess dudes from non-robot wizards!

Thanks for everybody that participated in LDST's second art contest! All the entries can be found here:

Our winner this month was DracoDragite with the following entry:

Check out Draco's site at:

And thanks again to Metal for volunteering a prize as well!