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Posted by Pip

B10- Pamphlets Are None Too Innocent Either

Books! Lulling you in with pretty colors and a nice cover and then BAM! Not a picture to be seen on the inside. Just a mass of words. And learning. I bet those are even reference books on top of it! No wonder Balance is feeling uneasy. Quit being mysterious, books.

And speaking of cursing literacy...

So, I heard back from a grand total of TWO people about the book. Not only is that horribly depressing, but it doesn't exactly speak well for demand. I put it available for sale and I'll make it available as a prize in the next art contest. For those of you that are interested, I present the next in my semi-instructional writings on how to get the important things in life done. First came how to kill off the human race using your new zombie powers and now the world!
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