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Posted by Pip

B11- The Happiest Place On Earth

Things are officially going down at this point! The Virtues seem to have kept mum on sending Balance off to steal from the Tarot to create Chastity's gauntlet. Then again, blabbing about sending the one person keeping the Universe from ripping itself apart into danger probably wouldn't be the wisest of all actions.
And for those that joined us late, Aska, a previous host, wrote a book spilling the beans on the Sins out of spite but obviously didn't have the mass production abilities this current book has. Since the Forces' power comes from people's belief, imagination, and tales, having all the facts spelled out would weaken our lovable cast's abilities. People fear and respect that which they do not understand! Which is why I make regular offerings to Dr Pepper. What are you made of and why is it so delicious!?