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Posted by Pip

B15- Need Some Mighty Strong Spackle

That... that might be a problem. We all kind of need the walls to our Universe. How else are you going to keep out the neighbors and where else are you going to hang your posters if there's a gaping hole in Time and Space?
And we get two more Tarot! If you were super attentive, you could have caught the symbols on the back of the book when Lust picked it up on page B6. Who else would want to weaken the Sins and spread lies about Lust's winning personality? Ignoring all the Virtues, some hosts, and random people she's met.

It's time for September's podcast! Woo! No guest this month as explained in the podcast but there's plenty of talk about comics, flowers, games of the video variety, and contests and projects! Give it a listen and post your thoughts on the upcoming contests/projects or send in any questions you have for the mailbag or viewer questions via email, the forums, or the chatbox.

Our TWC voting image has been updated with a new Mercs page! Mercy handles criticism less than well and scientists are just so closed minded.
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