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B16- Break Down

Just for any late joiners, Empress is kind enough to introduce the gang that is going to wipe the floor with the Sins and Virts then claim ownership of this world. How polite! Here goes:
Row 1:
Hiero and Justice are from the original group, of course.
Temp and Judge were introduced in Jin's story and we last saw Judgment when Death popped his head.
Sun and Moon were introduced in Murdoch's game and we recently saw them in Add 's story when they poisoned Rhett.

Row 2:
The Fool was introduced in Breck's story.
The Chariot was also from Add's story with Sun and Moon.
Fortune is the evil not Our-Fortune that we hate and was also introduced in Jin's story.
The High Priestess was just shown helping the Lust Golem open rifts.
The Magician and The Lovers were both introduced in Murdoch's games and were seen when Balance went to steal from the Tarot to build the new gauntlet.

Row 3:
The Emperor is from A Vice's Game as the entity Jin was trying to stop.
Hanged Man was introduced in Murdoch's games and was last seen recruiting the Lust Golem.
Death, we all know and love Death from back when it fought the Sins and its game appearances.

Row 4:
Strength, a newbie, but was last heard about when the jerk burned down Murd's lab and messed up Slander. My idea behind Strength is that despite his name, he's a frail useless husk of a humanoid but his prosthetics and attachments are what pump him up and fuel his firebug ways.
Lust Golem is The Tower! I liked her for that since she obviously has a negative connotation but where the card has different interpretations, LG is such a mix of everything and reaches every group. She's a human-made golem of Lust mixed with Anger that's now joined up with the Tarot.
Finally here, we have Luxuria as the Devil. Rocking the Devil look some may say. Evil or not, she looks cute in that outfit.

As I mentioned in the latest podcast, I'm taking a break from big projects for a bit after finishing Von Froya 2 and So You've Conquered the World. In the mean time, let's do some random stuff for fun, so I'm taking requests. Simple rules:
-Keep it clean/within acceptable levels of weird
-It has to be Sins or Mercs related
-Don't just ask for some character/yourself with a Sin hanging out in the background

Post on the forum or shoot me an email with your suggestion!

So TGS is this month and while I'm unfortunately not going, apparently there is going to be a picture of me there... Our boss did a pop group picture of the studio today and participation was mandatory. So if you're going to TGS, keep an eye out for my awkwardly smiling visage.

And coming home from work today, there was a guy dressed up like Mario playing Mario music on an accordion. Cities are horrible places, but they're occasionally awesome.