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B18- Maybe If You Just Ask Nicely

The gauntlet has been thrown down! The metaphorical one, not the Sins gauntlets. Or the Tarot gauntlet for that matter. The Tarot are making their move, Empress wants vengeance for how she was treated, and the rest of the team wants a home, power, or sweet, sweet riches! That means this arc is coming to a close and it's time for a flashback to- I kid, I kid. The next arc will pick up just seconds from where this one ends.

And speaking of threats to the Universe, Mercs has updated on the TWC voting page! Well, Mercs isn't exactly a threat to the Universe, it's what happens in the comic that- No, you know what. Not voting for Sins on TWC and getting to read Mercs as a thank-you IS a threat to Universe. You should totally do it for your enjoyment, to help the site, and on the off chance that not doing so will destabilize the space time continuum.

Quick Review: Ghostbusters Vol 2- Without gushing all over the series again, you really should be reading the ongoing Ghostbusters comic series if you're a fan of the movies/TV show or if you just like good writing, great art, and fun monster designs. Contrary to the lazy pop culture references I mentioned in Spider-Man: EoE, Ghostbusters does them so much better. Not only to regular pop culture but also to the Ghostbusters mythos and all its offshoots. I mean, look at that picture:

I don't know what to believe anymore! I really hope they take that somewhere. Preferably somewhere really dark.
The collection's side story is actually a bit more interesting than the main story. The book is broken into one main story, a smaller story that looks like it's setting up something big, and then an extra story done by a different artist that ties back to that smaller story. Hearing Egon break down what the Grim Reaper is and making it sound perfectly reasonable and scientific within the franchise's universe is great, great writing.