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Posted by Pip

UP2- That Counts As Diplomacy

Let no one say that Labor didn't try talking through issues before fists started flying. Complimenting somebody's ability to get socked in the face and keep on coming is a perfectly reasonable start to peace talks. But like with all negotiations, somebody is going to get uppercutted in the process. These are the things we have to do to come to an agreement.

The bill notice came yesterday and the Sins server costs have been paid for another year! Thanks to everybody that's contributed and helps keep the lights on around here!

And it's time to announce this month's art contest! To celebrate the release of “So You've Conquered The World” your assignment this month is the draw a scene of what the world would be like under the control of one of the comic's Forces. Creativity is more important than artistic ability, so have fun with it! And remember, I said Force not necessarily Sin, so go nuts. Standard rules apply: keep it clean, legal, and acceptable. Submit either the picture or a link to where you've posted the picture to me by email before the end of the month!
Depending on how many entries we get, contestants will either get a free PDF of “So You've Conquered The World” or if we get enough entries, a grand prize winner will get a free picture by me.
This contest brought to you by “So You've Conquered The World”:;jsessionid=EDF9AE2FA006F359E6F0C94DDA131D0A