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Posted by Pip

UP3- Should Not Have Gone For Medium

Death doesn't quite have the same punch as in the old days. Maybe even ye olde days. Plus, Labor is kind of in mindless rage mode so burning off his face is just a minor inconvenience.
Oh, aaand The Lovers are ramping up to kick the team's collectives butts, squiggly and otherwise. It's a full day.

Another week, another Mercs page up on TWC! This time we learn some skills around the kitchen with Mercy. Where the guys mystically affected by unknown supernatural beings belong! Amirite, ladies?

This week is the start of Sin Venials's seventh year! Mercynaries may not be as old, but that doesn't mean Mercy and Ruth are going to sit back and let Lust lord it over the comic world.

Thanks to everybody that's been a fan, reader, or contributor over the years!