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UP4- You Would Not Like Him When He Is Lonely

Sure slamming a guy in the face with a shovel always seems like a good idea, but those of you that have played Murd's game should know why that might not work out so well. There are more destructive powers out there than accelerated speed and momentum. Also, those jerks totally pushed Pride down into the mud therefore that shovel to the face was 100% justified. Oh, and they shoved Modesty and socked Sharing so that probably wasn't so nice either.

Quick Review: Evangelion (comic) Vol 12- The beginning of the Evangelion comic series pretty closely matched the TV show, but as the comics draw to a close, they're taking the series in some interesting directions. If you were a fan of the show and the story, it's still worth picking up the comic from about the point that stuff starts to get real bad for the characters. The comics take Gendo to some awesome places and they do some seriously fantastic things with him in this volume both physically and in how he treats other characters. He was pretty clear about his feelings in the show, but to to hold Shinji's face, looking him square in the eyes, and say "...I have never loved you." is a great scene. Gendo was mostly just a dick in the show but in the comics, he's insane enough to do the things he does to people and his organization, and then his whole spitting in the face of gods approach to how to handle monsters and giant robots. Volume 12 incorporates elements of the movie with showing the infiltration of NERV, and while it helps having seen it in action, the way the breach is drawn here is so fluid that you have no problems "watching" the sequences as you read them. I'm really hoping they don't skip over how the TV show ended because I think I'm one of five people that loved that show's ending.