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UP5- Love Hurts

It's a metaphor for relationships, man. When you're together, life moves by so quickly but when you're apart, you gain super strength and punch your foes through rocks. Love is dangerous. Of course if the Sins weren't so busy taking advantage of Murdoch and mocking him, they may actually have paid attention to his crazy stories and had some intel on the Tarot before the fight. Always listen to people's crazy stories is the moral here. Every ranting person on the street you encounter may just be trying to save your life.
But at least Envy was crafty about it. Get the two of them together to negate the super strength and then bash their skulls together to keep them down. Envy knows how soulmates work.

Quick Review: Evangelion 2.22 You Can Not Advance- Pretty much the opposite of how well the comic series handled the show, the Eva reboot movies have gotten pretty crappy. What they did to the soundtrack should be considered a crime. A minor crime, but maybe worthy of throwing tomatoes or at least public jeering. They went from having one of the only anime shows with a great soundtrack with its beautiful orchestral and classical music and turned into cheap rock and Jpop. It even actively conflicts with what's going on in the show. A serious moment that has immense repercussions on the characters and the world now has a Jpop song playing over it and the whole scene is lost. The new content isn't even good and it doesn't add anything to the story. The T+A is borderline offensive. It's beyond gratuitous, it wasn't there before (aside from that one godawful “spa day” episode that should be burned from the record), and the characters are god damned teenagers. One of the opening lines for the movie is the new character complaining that her breasts are too large for her uniform. That is your introduction to the movie. The new character is so detached from everybody else that there's really no point for her. The only thing she adds is A LOT of cursing when there's nobody else in the series that acts that way. The new special effects are mainly cheesy 3D models to replace the great hand-drawn Angels, but now there are rainbows all over the place. Enemies blow up in rainbows, rainbows spontaneously appear when things are killed, and the Second Impact crater still has an enormous rainbow covering that chunk of the planet. The biggest sin of the movie is that they ruined my favorite fight of the series. To not have Kaji be the one that talks sense into Shinji, to not have Asuka and Rei team up against the enemy, adding Shinji's magic glowing eyes, and to have this pointless new character be the one to take the leading role. Everything about it is wrong. They even completely changed the scene where Unit 1 regrows its arm. And then they play ANOTHER Jpop-sounding song! Without seeing the Eva get down and consume its fallen enemy, you lose the sense of just how crazy and out of hand things have become. It's certainly not to say that the whole movie is worthless. The scene with the Evas sprinting is sooo good. It's one of the things that I liked so much about the character designs in the show. Going from the traditional bulky Gundam-like robots in most anime to the lithe humanoid Evas lets you have those great moments of the robots moving and being athletic. It's almost so minor, but seeing the robot run, kick up buildings as it bolts around, and having to leap over power lines just gives you a sense that things are real and there are ramifications for unleashing a giant robot on a city.
I don't know if it's what was intended or true, but I read online somebody's breakdown and interpretation that the rehash movies are the world playing over again after how the first movie ended and carried events over again, but I love that if it's true and it adds a more interesting layer than what the movie actually presents. Shinji obviously would have wished that Toji was spared and he gets that wish twisted around in a fantastic monkey's paw sort of a way. Even when you recreate the Universe, it finds a way to screw you over royally.