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UP7- Better Than Scooby Doo Doors

Chastity seems to be holding out on us and has been doing some work with her oddities. There are apparently advantages to freaky foresight! Such as slicing your foes in half with the power of conflicting multidimensional rifts! Which is kind of obvious when you think about it. Much like fighting fire, you fight holes in the Universe with holes in the Universe. Again, obviously.

The second issue of Mercynaries has been posted on Lulu if you missed out on voting! The issue currently contains pages 14-20 and will be updated again when the second story of the issue has been posted. The price won't change or anything, so if you buy the issue now, you can download it again when the file has been updated.

Quick Review: The Cabin in the Woods- Whoever was in charge of marketing this movie should probably be fired. I passed on it after the first glance as just another teen wannabe horror movie but the plot about a bunch of kids in a cabin in the woods is just the pretext for a much more interesting movie. I don't want to spoil it, although the movie does get to the alternate plot very quickly, but the movie is more a commentary on why the horror genre has gotten so stale and uninteresting and is worth a watch if you used to care about scary movies. My only major complaint is that given the teen movie aspect is so secondary, they spent too much time on it and the characters. Spending that time on the facility and its backstory or the mechanics would have been far more rewarding.