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Posted by Pip

UP9- Lucked Bout

Pride's immense bad luck triumphs over Fortune's good luck! Sure good luck will find you coins and let you stumble out of harm's way, but bad luck will have you tripping on faults, whacking your head on rocks, or drawing a webcomic where you hold a contest giving away free stuff and only three people actually bother to enter!

To start the month off right, there's a new Mercs page over at TWC! Wherein Mercy is going to abuse her newfound powers and display her knowledge of all things friendship at the same time.
Head over to TWC and vote for Sins to give it a read:

I wanted to do the humorous search strings that somehow lead to Sins against this month, but DreamHost changed the reports after they had their meltdown from before. I reconfigured it so hopefully we'll have them again next month. Awww.