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UP11- Intermission Mission

Lust's mighty noggin' saves the day! Surely because it's so full of knowledge and not because of her ego or how hard it is to get ideas through her thick skull. Empress and Lust are good matches for each other. They both fight a bit dirty, they're not afraid to slug each other, and being a god-like figure does imbue you with a certain amount of resilience. Emp seems to have better footwork though. Spending a few millennia with a squiggly lower half will get you out of practice.

We had some technical difficulties with the podcast interview this month but we came to a workaround so the new episode will go up next week!

Quick Review: Resident Evil Damnation- I saw one teaser for the movie, never heard about it again, and then it was out on DVD, so that wasn't the best sign before watching this. I used to love Resident Evil but the modern RE games aren't scary and they're filled with shouting, explosions, and mindless violence. This movie is very much a part of modern RE. I hate Leon. They try so hard to make him such a hardcore badass (he even has a goatee now!) but he's so boring and has no personality. Everybody involved suffers from the the awful writing and dialogue and the movie dwells on new characters you couldn't possibly care about or find interesting. Who doesn't remember and love RE's classic character “wacky Eastern European guy that's wannabe street, has tons of piercings, and secretly loves American stuff”? The story is more Plagas than the interesting RE characters and even they take second or third fiddle to the terrible new human characters. The action isn't even good with an overuse of slow-motion, repeated fight moves, and seeing the same enemies fight the same characters again and again. There's even a karate knife fight between a redesigned and uninteresting take on Ada and new lady that's exceedingly uninteresting. They don't even do anything neat with the CG. Characters or objects in the background will occasionally stick out like they were rendered differently and then placed in that scene later. The lighting or colors will be off or you'll have a realistic and gritty room with a cartoony item at a lower resolution. The Lickers especially have that problem. They rarely look like they're actually in the scene, like it's a live action movie and they're CG, but everything is CG. The whole move is so inconsequential. The story can be summed up as Plaga is bad, BOWs are bad, bad people use them, and Ada is sneaky. The movie doesn't tell a new or interesting story and doesn't grow the Resident Evil brand. The other CG Resident Evil movie stunk but at least it told a story and advanced the fiction. This one just seems like they had the Leon wireframe rigged already so they might as well do something with it to cash in on the new game.