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UP18- Anger ManagemBLARG

Temperance fears no man, Force, or giant fist aimed at its head. But it suffers the same downfall oh so many of us face: a lack of three arms. If you can only hold down the ravenous leech demon and raging monster brawler, you kind of have to expect the crushing rock creature to come along and smush you.

This week on Mercs, the team and the wonders of science just don't seem to get along. Or maybe LUCe spread word around of what Mercy did to her. Vote for Sins on TWC every week to get the latest page:

So I was bumping around on Cheezburger while waiting for a phone call and what do I see on the Brony page:

Boom! The pony/Sin bond is mighty. To whichever one of you it was that posted that picture, hiya! So I'm thinking Lust and Rarity, total best buds. Pride and Fluttershy, probably going to get along. Spike and Sloth, sleepy buddies all the way. Crackle and Grarlgfish, best friends forever. The rest, you decide.