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UP19- The Family That Smooshes Together Stabs Together

The Sins and Virtues discover the magic of teamwork! Joy has a small-tipped pokey weapon against tiny, fast moving enemies. Anger has stompy feet against a big, slow enemy. It's a match made in fighty heaven! Teamwork is also full of bitey unpleasantness.

There's only one week left to submit an entry for this month's art contest! We've only had two entries so far and that's kind of sad. Draco was kind enough to offer up a prize so don't let it go to waste! I'm trying to find ways to get some audience participation going and it's not going well! If you're not going to enter, can you at least tell what it WOULD take to get you involved, please?
Then rules:
Your assignment this month is to draw a yearbook club photo featuring a Sin and a character from Triple M. Were Pride and Kyle way into chess club? Are Lust and Blaire founders of the demonic cute girls squad? Maybe Luna and Labor were building up the morphing and hulking out team? Your entry must include at least one Sin/Vice AND at least one character from Triple M.
Submit either the picture itself or a link to where you've posted it via the forums or emailing Draco or myself by the end of the month. Remember that entries are judged based on the idea/creativity over
actual drawing skill so anybody can enter.
Since Draco and I are teaming up, there are two prizes! The winner gets a commission by me or Draco (subject to our approval and standards of weirdness/acceptability) and second place gets a commission by the other artist.

Send your emails to me at:

Check out Triple M at:

and Draco's other comics and art at: