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UP20- Swing A Dead Cat 2 The ReDeadening

Fuzzy cuteness be damned, Anger is laying down the law. Nobody gets bitey when Anger is around. It's tentacle time in Anger-town and tiny necks are going to be snapped and itty bitty backs will be broken. But at least Temperance didn't whine about getting a bunny cat hucked at the back of its head.

Quick Review: The Law of Superheroes: Does the government or Wolverine own his adamantium skeleton? How do you cope with shapeshifters when a witness is giving testimony? Could mind readers testify in court? Is Ghostrider's contract with the Devil legally binding? Clearly these are the questions society has been dodging for far too long. The book is fantastic because it uses comic book characters and events to teach you about actual real laws in a meaningful, easy to understand, and memorable way. Even if you just have a passing knowledge of the characters and stories, it's still written in a way that you can enjoy it and then if you have a more in-depth knowledge of a character, you'll just get more out of one of the writers' asides or digs at the stupid things in comic stories or how characters acted. A lot of the material feels to be recycled from their Law and the Multiverse blog but their site is so good that I'm more than happy to send $15 their way to support them (go read it if you haven't seen it before: )
In all seriousness, why aren't there actual textbooks written like this? How much more would I know if history was taught in an engaging and entertaining way that compelled you to listen and press on? I would probably enjoy chemistry a lot more if any of the comic universes' super geniuses were used as examples or if natural laws were explained through tales of how much of a jerk Superman is.