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Posted by Pip

UP23- DecapitaSin

Silly Sharing. You don't try to grab a creature that has detachable, commandable, and spiny pieces with sharp points. That's like trying to hug a rainbow! Only with considerably less glitter and sparkles and slightly more stabbing and scrapping of flesh.

It's time for this month's podcast! Download to listen for tales of Sin fights, robots, cereal, and disappointment! Our guest this month is Thom from Murry and Lewy, the Wotch, and a plethora of other web comics!

Listen to past episodes at:

And finally, our end of the month stats for October. Thanks as always for everybody that contributes and for those of you voting for Sins on TWC and keeping us on the charts!
And funny searches that somehow lead to Sins:
“world wide web fun stuff” - Not really funny at face value, I just love that somebody would search for the term “world wide web”
“secret protocol chaplin omega” - The secret Charlie Chaplin omega robots won't stay secret if you keep typing it around online!
And so, so many things I don't feel comfortable reading, never mind reposting

Next week, we'll have the winners of the art contest and talks for our next projects. Stay tuned!