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Posted by Pip

UP24- Share Zing

So either Content is making a big jump forward and taking the initiative or she has a thing for stab victims. She's way too cute for option 2, so Sharing, it was totally worth losing your armor and getting knifed for a kiss from Content. You go, girlfriend.
I can't promise I'll never say that again, but I'll try to never say that again.

This week's TWC voting image is back on the Mercynaries and Mercy says nuts to science and decides to just be the most awesome bounty hunter of the gods. Vote and revel in it:

Congrats to out art contest winners, Schultzmaster and Daniel!

Check out all the entries full-size at:

As his prize Schultzmaster wanted to share a picture on the evolution of Greed. Oh the paths Greed has taken to rise from bound forms to evil first appearances finally into the mighty, lovable, cowardly warrior it is today:

Thanks to all our runners-up for participating. Shoot me an email if you want any of the Sins wallpapers or if you're missing any Mercs pages or some such business.

I also did a quick picture for Draco for being a partner on the contest. Check out his other comic, Dr. Eams, at: