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UP25- The Best Kind Of Coward

Hopefully the page isn't too heavy handed but I really think this is the crux of the fights this comic has seen. The Virtues were a good team and they walloped the Sins in the Downfall arc and here the Sins and Virtues are good teams and they're able to squelch the Tarot's uprising because of it. The Tarot are a huge group of characters assembled from all over that don't compliment each other, they all want different things from the Empress, and they don't really know or care about each other. Plus, Modesty has a really big sword. You don't mess with Modesty.

My supermarket already has Christmas decorations up. Augh. AURGH!

Special thanks again to Schultzmaster for not only entering the contest but then sending in extra fan art on top of it! See the rest of the pictures at:

Quick Review: Prometheus- I love Alien. Alien is an amazing movie. I own a grand total of four movies and one of those is Alien. This? This movie is no Alien. The characters either know more than they should reasonably be able to/make wild guesses that turn out right or are the most dimwitted saps that you're amazed that they haven't choked on their own tongues, never mind that they got to space. A cartographer with the ability to create precise 3D mappings can't find his way back through a cave he already walked through. A previously scaredy-cat biologist decides that the best way to approach a huge penis worm monster is to get right up next to it even after it acts aggressively. In fact, that's pretty much everybody's default reaction to anything: touch it. Even after people are dead, they find a hologram of aliens freaking out and running away, more people die, people are sick, and all kinds of icky wet biology is going down, everybody feels free to take off their helmets and start poking at things or sticking their face at it. The only character worth rooting for is the android before every other human in the movie is an asshole or an idiot. There's absolutely no reason to care for the main characters. They're completely unlikable, have little to no redeemable characteristics, and there's no way that people with their personalities would get as far as they do. They're actively unlikable so when something bad happens to them, you're okay with it. Even the story is so half-assed and has the most ham-fisted "religion meets science" plot that it makes a high school student's religious views seem new and interesting.
The hologram special effects are amazing and the places on Earth that they filmed are gorgeous. And it could have been good. There are multiple scenes that you watch and hope that they're going to turn out well and they could have turned out well in capable hands, but then they butt up against scenes where you're pleading with the movie to kill off one of the main characters.

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