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Posted by Pip

UP26- Oh The HuMehnity

The fight you ALL demanded. Every single one of you. Everywhere. Forever.
A draw? Knock-out? It all depends on when, or IF!, one of them wakes up...

All right, if you can manage to draw your eyes away from the above scene, it's “real talk” time. The art contests have gotten a really poor turn-out numbers-wise so I kind of have to take it that not many of you are interested in continuing that. So what kind of extras are you guys actually interested in/would get you to interact? I don't get much feedback on the podcasts and it seems like all of three people actually play the games I post on the site, so seriously, just tell me what you want to see, please. I regularly get talk of Sins merch like plushies and figures, but the problem with things like that are the high costs, long turn-around time, and that the process would be mainly out of my hands. The quotes I've gotten for hand-made plush figures are typically around $30-$50 a piece for anything of a decent size. My interactions with people that make plush figures have been less than good in the past with one person straight-up taking my money and then ceasing all communication to multiple people that have promised to work on something and then I never hear back about it, so I'm not big on a project where I pretty much hand over money to somebody else and then I'm no longer involved. Corporate-made plushies have a minimum order around 1000 pieces which is about $7000 up front, which really isn't reasonable for us. Custom figurines from a company like Patch Together are around $40 for a 7 inch figure (the Shortpacked figures are $40 and $45 for reference) and you have to get enough community support to win a slot to even get the figure made and commissions from toy sculptors can easily run over $100 for a single piece. A Makerbot so I could make my own figures would need around $2500-3000 (The latest Makerbots are $2200 and $2700, plus the plastic is $50 per color, plus the cost of having somebody make the 3D models, plus the cost of all the shipping), so unless we strike it hot with a Kickstarter, that certainly isn't going to happen with the site's regular donations. There are projects like the MakiBox that will hopefully bring those costs down in the future, but we'll have to wait to see how they turn out. I've received talk of starting up the Button Day/caption contests again, but those didn't have a huge following when we tried it before either. I'd be interested in doing something more with the game reviews. Capture kits for recording console footage are around $200 so that's certainly do-able price-wise so I'd be up for doing kind of a combination of a Let's Play/review/game design discussion video series, but there has to be interest before I pay for that gear. So what extras are you dear readers interested in/what would you actually participate in? Sound off in the chatbox, on the forums, or through email: