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UP27- Totally A Fearful Laugh

It's the wannabe-Lust twins! That isn't nearly as hot as it sounds on paper! Chastity is apparently less than worried about those two as well. Maybe once you've fought the genuine article, you can't settle for Lust Lite. Diet Lust? Lust Zero? Royal Crown Lust? Who knows.
I wanted to give the Lust Golem powers that aped Lust's without making it too close and I thought the whip hair was a good choice. Whereas Lust is a morph and has full control of herself, LG has just enough power to shape herself but can't get as elaborate as Lust can. Plus with the influence of Anger on her creation, giving LG vine-y/spikey/tentacle-y whips just made sense.

This week on Mercs, Mercy discovers that the entertainment industry is full of lies. Action-packed, sexy, and giant fireball-filled lies. Science doesn't come out too clean either. Vote for Sins on TWC to read this week's page for free!

Quick Review: Spider-Man (2012)- In the first fifteen minutes of the movie, Peter is already a jerk to a teacher and then gets a student thrown out by guards because Peter tells an obvious lie to a receptionist and steals the other kid's credentials. He isn't lovable, the underdog you want to root for, or even somewhat likable. He's a loser, annoying, and a dick. If you don't like Peter, the entire "secret identity" part of the film doesn't work at all. And the Peter Parker stuff is A LOT of the movie. Uncle Ben's death, the pivotal and emotional event that brings about Spider-Man, is played almost comically. It's done so poorly that the whole scene is funny and even if you've been under a rock for a decade or so and didn't know the moment was coming, it's telegraphed so much that you actively anticipate him being gunned down. The fight scenes are really the only highlight, but they take up maybe ten minutes of its 2+ hours of running time. And oh gods, the ending. The cranes and that shot of the American flag... It makes the Sam Raimi version seem subtle.

And to contrast a terrible Spider-Man product with...

Quick Review: Spider-Man: Trouble on the Horizon- For my past and frequent griping about how boring superhero comics have become, THIS is a great storyline. Through the magic of time travel, they get to blow up the world and give everything Spider-Man does meaning and consequences. Granted time travel isn't a well you can go to frequently, but it's used well here to tell a good story. And it's a story with action and suspense that doesn't revolve around fighting. The day isn't saved because somebody punched somebody else, the plot is resolved because the characters actually think and piece together what's going on.