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Posted by Pip

UP32- Guess Who

It's the spirit of Black Friday in the Sins world, how conveniently timed! Aggression, shouting, somebody pulls a knife, people jump on each other, name calling, and somebody gets stabbed in the heart. It's the start of the holiday season in our Realm and beyond!

I picked up my capture kit and I'm playing around with it, so I thought I'd start uploading the initial tests. There's an introduction to the series and a commentary on this week's Devil May Cry demo, on the Sins Youtube Channel so give it a watch and send in any feedback on the formatting, whether you'd rather see just Let's Plays, you like the commentary, or anything else to do with the series.
The first full video should be for the Amazing Spider-Man game, which I'm still playing, but give a shout if there's a game you want to see, whether it be for Let's Play purposes, it's a really good game, or it's a really bad game worth checking out. I'm not averse to picking up new games if there's interest in it, but this is what I have on hand:
Bionic Commando ReArmed
Blade Kitten
Crash Commando
Dead Nation
Fat Princess
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Mega Man 9
Mega Man 10
Monster World 4
Monsters Probably Stole My Princess
Noby Noby Boy
Rag Doll Kung Fu
Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty
TMNT Turtles in Time
Tokyo Jungle

Thanks once again to Schultzmaster for sending in some fan art, this time for the holidays! Their mistake is that they clearly don't have a pie out. How can it be a family get-together without pie?!