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Posted by Pip

UP34- Clonk

Chastity is a woman that gets things done! And she gets said things done violently. With spurting goo. And quite a bit of cockiness for a lady that has trouble with her eyes. Watch the sass, Lady, Lust is doing her thing at her own pace.

The first AGWS full video review is live! We start off with a quick review and then the rest of the video is a walkthrough as a boss rush with commentary on the Amazing Spider-Man.
Let's see if embedding the video works:

If not, watch the video on Youtube here:

I'll post the videos on the Community page as well, so if you ever think you missed one and feel that gaping hole indicating how meaningless your life has become, click on the Community button on the left of the site.

And just for even MORE content, I did a picture for Spiral for his Ascension hiatus. Head over to check it out and pass the time until the comic comes back for realsies.