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Posted by Pip

UP36- Mini Dresses Are Too Combat Gear

All of Lust's travails and hardships were leading her up to this point! Maybe Chastity was just the wise mentor behind the scenes and their whole feud was for naught! Or the Sins just lead violent lives and the Virts are jerks. Both entirely possible and thrilling takes on their issues.

Twists abound in this week's Mercs comic. Just a few missions in and scripts and/or tables are already being flipped. Vote for Sins on TWC to get the page!

Another month has passed us by, so thanks again to everybody voting for Sins or contributing and getting their Mercs pages!
Let's take a look at funny search strings that somehow led to Sins:
“uck off quotes” - No that's not me censoring, but I'd like to think that person wanted a curse quote but was too polite to actually type it
“girls night out painting” - Compared to some of the other search strings I see, that is one of the nicest things to ever follow “girls night out” I've gotten
“red hair empress tarot” - She's blonde, you silly fool!
“furries comic family matters” - Oh god there's a furry version of Urkel, isn't there? Isn't there!?
“best way to sincomics” - !

Stay tuned this week, we have some reviews, another AGWS video, and some fan art yet to come!