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Posted by Pip

UP37- Falling Down

She got some good licks in, but alas, the fight has been fought out of Empress. See what teamwork can get you? The ability to beat up people stronger than you! That's why you share. To get sweet, sweet revenge on those that oppose you.

At a viewer's request, the latest episode of A Guy With Standards has a quick run-through and commentary on Tokyo Jungle. The video looks at a short Survival Mode playthrough and then a Story mission.

How's the video quality for everybody? I've been keeping the capture kit at medium settings to get a balance of quality versus file size and I think it looks good, but what do you have to say?

The videos are also accessible on the Sins Community page, so you have options when it comes to viewing the majesty of nature.

Thanks again to Schultzmaster for sending in some more fan art. And I have been assured that he is, in fact, a dude, as debated on the podcast.