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UP38- Sweet Loots

Joy always knows just what to say.
With the enemy defeated but our heroes in none too great shape themselves, Chastity springs into action! Just what is she planning on doing with that gauntlet... My money is on repeatedly bashing Empress over the head every time she regenerates. Good times.

Quick Review: Men in Black 3- I had very low hopes for Men In Black 3, if only because MiB 2 is an awful, awful movie. But, 3 is much better and while it certainly isn't a great movie, it's fun and if you liked the first, it's well worth a watch. If somebody had only reigned in the stupid stuff like the pop culture references and the broader humor (like the eulogy scene was just a lame joke that went on for far too long), it could have been fantastic. The story has some funny ideas and some cool sci-fi and it was just a really good idea that if you were going to take a franchise like this and add time travel, the pivotal moment would revolve around the moon landing. I'm a sucker for time travel, aliens, and humorous sci-fi so MiB 3 pushes a lot of the right buttons for me, but it was a good movie well worth the rental.