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UP39- A Fool And His Life Are Soon Departed

Bam! Now I bet The Fool wishes Lust had killed him instead of just knocking him out. If you're going to piss somebody off, you may as well go all out or this kind of thing is what happens. Chastity goes nuts and starts trying to exorcise you! Then again, if you are dead, she'll just manhandle your corpse like poor Sun there. There's no winning with her.

This week on TWC, the Mercs run into some competition. But only Mercy can be crowned the cutest of them all! Steel and rivets totally won't win you any points with the judges.

I picked up a 3DS for work, so that means I have one to play around with too. Here's my friend code if you want to add me and send me some sweet, sweet Puzzle Swap pieces. Street Passing is probably one of the best things Nintendo has done in years. I get oddly sad if I make it to work and there aren't any puzzle pieces waiting for me. It's San Francisco, I should be rolling in Miis!

Quick Review: Mario Kart 7- Much like war on the battlefield, war on the track never changes and neither does Mario Kart. It still has the Bullet Bills and I'm averaging being hit by 2 or 3 blue shells per race. Whoever thought that an item that punishes you for being in first place in a racing game was a good idea is a bad, bad human being. They played it really safe with the tracks here. There's nothing too interesting or exciting to shake things up and half of the tracks are recycled old courses. You can go underwater, but it's no different than driving on land, and you can glide at specific points, but that's just a less maneuverable version of driving as you can't drift and you can just slow yourself or descend faster. They could have at least made the recycled cups interesting by making them themed. A Bowser's Castle Cup with all the Bowser, ghost house, and airship stages would have been great or a cup made of nothing but Rainbow Roads. Instead, they're seemingly random and unrelated stages picked from the various MK incarnations over the years. 7 is really a bare bones package. They got rid of the mission mode and while it has the coin and balloon battles, there's no reward for winning, so if you're just in it for single-player, the modes are worthless. All of the extra character unlocks come from winning cups at the hardest difficulty. Only one character is unlocked otherwise and that's your Mii. Your hideous, hideous Mii. The game came with the system and that's really the right price for Mario Kart these days. It's the same game you've played over and over, but it's still kind of fun in a goofy way. Up until you get bombarded with blue shells.

Posted by Pip

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