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Posted by Pip

UP42- That Sounds Sarcastic

Demoralizing your foe to weaken it for destruction is kind of an effective strategy. And deconstructing Empress's allies in front of her eyes is probably one of the more demoralizing things you can do. No matter how much of a jerk Strength was. Okay, out of everybody, we can probably root for Strength being ripped apart. But most of the others, it seems kind of mean.

This week on the Sins TWC voting incentive, the Mercs have some competition among the gods. And they're jerks too. Totally deserve their pasty limbs and circuits.

Due to the long hours at the office this month, there won't be an A Guy With Standards video this week. The next one will be Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed and I have all the footage I need for it, but I just don't have the time to edit it and record the VO. Crunch is ending hopefully soon and I'll have a few days off for the holidays, so it will probably be up next week.

So for game stuff today, a recommendation. If you have four or five friends and an iOS device/computer for each of them, you should totally download a game called Artemis. Each device takes on the role of a crew member of a starship and you can only see and affect what's at your station, so you sit around doing the missions and relaying information to your team and the Captain. I'm not even a Star Trek fan but we played it at work and it's awesome. We took over the communal area and used the projector as our main screen and that's the way to play. It's kind of buggy at times, the servers aren't very stable, and you should definitely watch a tutorial online, but it's a blast. I was on Comms for our missions and even that is fun and the best part: Comms gets to control the red alert siren.