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Posted by Pip

UP43- ContracepSin

You know, if you really think about this whole ordeal, it's kind of messed up and bad things have happened. That seems like a really good case to not think about it. Also, probably not the best idea to create cosmic life for selfish reasons without having a really good plan, no matter how awesome and lovable she may turn out. I think everybody involved here owes Balance one big apology hug and a nice muffin basket.

We have some very special fan art to post tonight because it comes from... my mom! Is this proof that my parents are better than yours? Possibly. Have your parents ever sent me fan art? Probably not. Also, my parents love me. Your parents are probably fairly indifferent about me, likely outside of a general not wishing specific harm to me because I'm kind of a decent guy and they're nicer than that.

Thanks, Mom!