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UP44- Mayans Were Down With Tarot

Hmmm. Lust lets the Empress go from their realm, prophesied doom in our realm... Coincidence?
Anywho, Lust has had some moral issues with straight-up murder for awhile now, so hopefully her sparing a semi-innocent/not entirely evil bad guy from a nasty end shouldn't be too much of a shock. For starters, Lust did kiiind of knife Empress when they first met and led her on the path to conquest. Stabbing people does not put you in their good graces. And deep down inside, Lust is a decent person (demon, monster, ancient evil?) and can cop to not having made good choices. Of course, I'm totally sure Chastity is going to see this act in the same light and will wholly admit to her own mistakes and agree that Lust made the right choice!

Quick Review: Mighty Switch Force- SF is easily the best of the "Mighty" series, but that's not saying a whole lot. The series has some neat ideas but the games just aren't fun. I beat Switch Force and Flip Champs and am glad I played them (Milky Way of the other hand...), but they're certainly not something I'd recommend to the average person. I play WayForward games for the character designs and art, kind of accepting that the gameplay won't be so hot. For Switch Force, it has some questionable hit detection, enemies that aren't fun to fight against (like having to shoot an enemy in the back, run away when it turns around, then run back, and repeat the process three more times just to kill one normal enemy of which there will be multiple in the stage), the camera is pulled in way too tight, and later levels zip by so quickly that you can't see how they're constructed. I spent 10 minutes on one of the final levels, 8 of which were because I simply couldn't see the position of the switches while the game is launching you across the screen.
Switch Force has a real lack of content with only 16 missions (and a few bonus stages as free DLC, props to WF for that!) and the game focuses more on doing speed runs rather than having new content. Speed runs are a lazy way to drag out the length of a game. But the package has lots of style despite having really no story and Patty Wagon is yet another great WayForward leading lady with some kick butt sidekicks. If there's one thing WayForward does well, it's cute female leads. But come on, guys, the forced attempts at sexiness are getting into the creepy zone. Cut it out with the bouncing breasts and having Patty strip when you finish the game is just dumb. Yes, I know it's a reference to Metroid, but it was really, really stupid and pretty insulting when Metroid did it too. Leering at a female protagonist in her undies isn't a reward, it's creepy.