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Posted by Pip

UP45- Again For More Hugs

They JUST got done fighting and already Chast is being a jerk-head. Where's your holiday spirit, Lady!? That totally has to be something that has a physical form in this world.

This week on TWC, hand thing jealousy. It tears everybody apart:

And speaking of the Mercs, the file on Lulu has been updated to include all of the current pages. You'll notice the robot-lady from this story on the cover now too. If you previously bought the book, you should be able to download it again for free and get the new pages. If Lulu is giving you any guff, just let me know and I'll bust some heads and/or just send you the file myself.

Finally, we get a little Xmas cheer from Caspian and his very own Vice:

Early update tonight. I have the same holiday spirit Chastity has. Going to get back in bed, curl into the fetal position, and try to not vomit through the night. I blame you, Christmas! Chanukah didn't do this to me! Chanukah and I were cool!