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Posted by Pip

UP48- Play Dead

Envy just so conveeeniently happened to nab Labor's powers during their fight with the Tarot. Chastity isn't the only one that's good at planning ahead! Anger's pretty spiff in its own right, but a giant rock version of Anger is all that much keener.

December sneaks in with a fifth Sunday to end off the year, so no Mercs page this week. Instead, the Sins and Mercs team up to ring in the New Year over at TWC. Thanks to everybody that voted for Sins this year, whether it be to help out the site or to just get your free bonus pictures and comics, it's appreciated! Let's rock those listings in 2013 too!

And as one final surprise to end out 2012, Taralynn showed up again! She's rebooting her MGP story on her site, so swing back over and give her some congrats, encouragement, or shake your fist menacingly at her so she keeps updating!