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UP49- Fenvyr

Hopefully this isn't TOO on the nose, but I've always liked the Norse Apocalpyse myths and I see that as the closer parallel for Sins. The comic has never been about “good versus evil” because every side has their issues and has done questionable things in the name of what they see as right. The better choice for the comic is more of a “chaos versus order”. The Sins are empowered by chaos and the fun that entails while the Virtues are about a strict adherence to their own order. Plus, Norse mythology has giant wolves. Beat THAT, monks.

It's January now, so it's time for podcastery! Another short one sans guest due to work busyness, holiday fun, and disease. But there's still time to talk the morals of punching people for the good of the Universe, robot people, and a month of bad video games. Download the episode from the Community page or at:

And with the end of the month, nay year!, it's time to see what fun we left December with.
“yurt scribblenauts” - I'm teaching people what yurts are! I demand sweet educational grant money!
“you're still not dead clock”- This is a service I can most definitely provide. If you're reading this, you're not dead yet. ...Unless you're a ghost. Dangit! Loopholes already.
“schools for necromancy in the usa”- None that are accredited. Or else I would finally have a non-useless degree. Also, you'd probably have seen me and my zombie hoards on the news eating people. The zombies would probably be doing the eating, not me.
“freunlaven wolfenstein”- I'm teaching German too! More grants!