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UP50- Wrasslarock

Everybody got all pumped up for Envy and forgot that Anger is pretty awesome and can be a wrecking machine too! Of course, Labor is pretty kick-butt himself and isn't above body slamming an opponent.

Wow you guys are fast on the TVTropes updates! Just one day and “Order versus Chaos” had already been added to the Sins page!

Quick Review: The Onion's Book of Known Knowledge- They could have just done funny entries but the book goes so far beyond that. From the detective story spread out through the book, to the section about how much space pictures of Egypt can take up, to one author's entries pining for a lost girlfriend and another's ... run-ins with the law, the book is loaded with personality. Then it's even more jarring and funny when the book is serious or goes against what you'd expect and it can call you out for not remembering a person or event that you really should, how crappy some famous historical figures are, or just how miserable and unfair the Universe is. This is a dense book but it's loaded with humor so you get a lot of bang for the page count.