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UP53- Sword Sin The Stone

Not entirely a loss for the Virts seeing as how Envy is out of commission for now too. Unless Envy doesn't really need a head/torso... And unless the Sins can yank that sword out so Envy doesn't explode and then they become the rightful kings of England! Then the Virtues would totally be in trouble. And yes, I'm completely sure that is still how England is ruled.

If you've bought any of the Sins E-books, The Zommunist Manifesto, or So You've Conquered the World from Lulu, they made some changes to the files. If you were having problems moving files to other devices, try downloading the books again and it will hopefully work! Woo.

Quick Review: Ghostbusters Volume 3- This is still a great series, but they're really adding too many plot points. They're introducing events that I don't know if it's supposed to be an indication of something new to follow or what and I'm just ready to start having them wrap things up. They don't mention the Grim Reaper plot at all and the rival Ghostbuster guy gets only one page, so they're ignoring some of their most interesting subplots. The stories here are mostly self-contained one-issue plots, so it's not as interesting as the previous collections and it comes across as bit rushed to introduce a new character and then immediately dispatch it in just a few pages. It's still superbly drawn though and I love the odd use of comedians as characters. The GB's rival is quite clearly Chevy Chase, which is AWESOME, but then one issue has Jane Curtin as an EMT, Kevin Nealon as a DJ, and you could probably make a case for John Candy as a cop. Still though, having Chevy Chase be the bad guy is a stroke of genius.